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The web ecosystem of Umicore

The Umicore ecosystem has been growing for several years and is now comprised of a diverse list of functionalities and types of websites. Despite this diversity, the websites are easily maintained through a centralised approach. Read more about our approach and advantages on centralised content in the blogpost 'Ecosystems'

This is an overview of the different types of websites currently in the Umicore ecosystem of websites.

Main website (.com)

The main hub of the ecosystem, the portal to the regional and business unit websites. Corporate content.

Business Unit Websites

A series of business units were created to give each individual unit it's own website to show their content within the brand guidelines.


All of Umicores job openings can be consulted and searched in the main website. However different Business Unit websites and regional websites also have a career section, featuring only their relevant job openings. Additional info such as testominials and more localised info.

Regional websites

There are 8 eight different regional websites, that offer info grouped by geography.


Next to the global approach of Umicore, some countries such as Belgium and France have e-commerce integrated in the ecosystem. 

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