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One size doesn’t fit all, never did and never will

Take an ordinary Mini. It’s a beautiful car, with lots of heritage and potential. If you were to replace the hood of a Mini by that of a Jaguar, would you have a Jag?  No. at best it would look funny, but most of the time it would look preposterous and stupid.

It’s the same line of thinking which is governing the way we build our websites. A specific form of system thinking that leads us to believe that we need the big platforms and we’ll find customisation within those possibilities. ‘there will be a module, a specific piece of coding that will satisfy our needs.

We should realise ourselves that - more and more – those modules are developed to mask or fill in the gaps of a system that is insufficiently flexible and well thought to meet all our needs. It’s as if you continuously build little fixes to keep up with demands. Ask yourself if this is something you’d allow car manufacturers to do, where in the end you’d need a lorry to carry along a huge battery pack so as to believe that you’re actually driving a hybrid car…

Websites built on the basis of ‘customisable blocks and modules’ are limited and governed by the ‘law of averages’. Modules and solutions are developed to serve the biggest number of clients in the most average way. It might suit your need, but it might also be that it only covers your needs for about 80%. No worries, there is a plug in, or a fix for the other 10, maybe 20%... and another one… and another one.

 We, at NOCS, tend to do it in a different way. We have two governing principles.

First of all, we look at the future, starting from your current needs. And secondly, we take content, all sorts and forms of content, as the basis for our development principles.

Do what you have to do, or want to do, use content architecture as your guiding principle, keep it simple and make sure that your put the brand front, back and centre. We develop in a transparent way, focus on customer experience through content consumption and we keep our conversion paths as short as humanly possible. It seems like self-evident, yet it isn’t, if your site is governed by design and architecture rather than by content.

In doing this, we are capable of making our websites very performant, they’re never the same and they all do what they promised to do. Changes are easy and clients are happy. What more do you expect from life?