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Abracadabra: CMS

Below you can find some video's explaining in the CMS "Abracadabra" which we use in all of our web projects. It's Content Magic!

Manage structure and create new content

 Simply drag and drop your 'pages' to change the menu structure and easily add subpages for additional content.

WYSIWYG editing

 Whay You See Is What You Get. That means you emphasize, interlink, italize and underline your text just like in an ordinary text editor. You are in control of how you express your content.

Delete content

 If you entirely want to remove content, the system will tell you when it is safe to do so.


 You can switch to another language version of the website with the easy of few clicks.


Accidently threw away a vital peace of information? Not to worry, the revisions will restore a previous version. Versioning is also a simple way to re-use an older post.

File managing

Pictures and files can easily be added in your text editor or as a content row. Each photo can have a focus point adjustment to optimize your images for mobile use.
Any file can be linked through a button ar a text link in the editor.

Content rows

New rows of content blocks can easily be added and adjusted accordingly. A content row can contain an image gallery, video, photo and text, textblocks, call-to-actions and whatever your heart desires. This video shows the selection and reorganization of an image gallery.

Want to know more?

Get in touch, we are happy to give a full presentation of all features of "Abracadabra"