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Broederlijk Delen Campaign 2016

Sharing is caring. We know, it sounds cliché but Broederlijk Delen said it way before sharing became a ‘thing’ on Facebook. And they're claiming it again in 2016. This time, they’re focusing on Colombian farmers who are forced to give up the land they depend on for their living. We helped them out by giving them something worth sharing.


Lives should not be played with. Not in Colombia, not here. That was that assumption we started from.

In a social experiment we put that assumption to the test and lead the inhabitants of Malderen to believe they were dispossessed. Just like the Colombians. Astonishment, anger and sadness were the overall reactions.






The experiment was the base for the TV commercial, the online video and the radio commercial. A campaign image in line with the main message and a petition website completed the integrated campaign.