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Grotehondstraat 44 A

2018 Antwerpen

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09.05.16 - 3pm

Nine o’clock somewhere catches Strongbow and Desperados

We’re poppin’ bottles! But what will it be, Strongbow or Desperados? Why not both, ey? The digital section of both brands will from now on be managed by nine o’clock somewhere. We thereby strengthen our position within Alken-Maes. Yaaz.


Let’s toast to Strongbow first. We welcome this delicious brand on the Belgian market and will implement it successfully as the number one cider brand worldwide with our knowledge about content and digital communications. The Belgian department of Strongbow is part of Alken-Maes, which is a familiar face for us, considering we’ve been proudly working for both Maes and Grimbergen for some time.

“Grab me a Despe, will you?” The tequila flavoured beer has been a lifelong guarantee for a party and will head to the online world with their new approach. Focus point? User generated content. The goal is to get the “daring” feature back online and in the spotlight. We’ll play the fields of rich media, UGC and culturally relevant ambassadors to further develop the brand.