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2018 Antwerpen

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29.09.15 - 2am

A DC award for Belgian Red Cross Flanders

Last Friday, the nine o'clock somewhere team, responsible for the Belgian Red Cross Flanders account, boarded a plane heading for Berlin, ready to present their case study for a European Digital Communication Award nomination for best website.

Belgian Red Cross Flanders consists out of 250 local entities, each with their own activities. Due to a mass of different websites, content and social media channels, this resulted in confusion, missed opportunities and often blurred and inefficient communication The objective was to unify all these into one and to get people donating at the same time. "We started from 3 pillars: simplicity, unity and balance, bringing together clever content publishing and clear call-to-actions that translated well onto all various levels ." Carole Steger, project manager at nine o'clock somehwere.

The new model made for a huge increase in users (40%), PR and most importantly: engagement (volunteers, donations, blooddonors,...). Already more than 2.000 possible blooddonors registered.

Over 750 projects applied for the European Digital Communication Award. 5 ended up on the shortlist. Belgian Red Cross Flanders however, got favoured by the jury because of the level of impact and efficiency of the execution. "The fact that we won because of the efficient centralisation and the effective impact confirms our professional leading role.", says Luc Botten, Director of Communications & ICT Belgian Red Cross Flanders. "And because we were able to create impact, we're so proud and excited that our team was able to claim this award", Geert Desager, CEO nine o'clock somewhere.