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Grotehondstraat 44 A

2018 Antwerpen

+32 3 226 34 49


23.09.15 - 10am

It’s Halloween o’clock in Bobbejaanland!

An intoxicating fog will rear over Bobbejaanland from the 24st of October until the 8th of November. The theme park once labeled "most pleasant land"; will quickly turn into the most feared place in the hemisphere. Freaks, outcasts and mutants will take over, no one will be safe!

Bobbejaanland came to us for a creative campaign for Halloween. We decided to focus on creative content and an online commercial so scary we couldn";t even watch the result at the office without shrieking - really. On the director";s chair for the commercial? No one less than Jonas Govaerts, the man behind the infamous horror movie "Welp";. Together with his lifelong love for scares we made sure the message came through: Bobbejaanland to be feared more than ever before.

This year, Bobbejaanland will expand its Halloween program with two new mazes and scare zones. How we translated the vibe of these into creative content? By using cinemagraphs, images with subtly moving elements. An ideal tool to create the alienating effect to go with the new Halloween attractions.

Both the commercial and cinemagraphs will be implemented on the various social media channels of Bobbejaanland.