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08.04.16 - 11am

Coming soon: a brand new digital platform for CD&V

Courtesy of nine o’clock somewhere. Main focus for the party’s new online hub? Content with a capital C.

CD&V’s current online home is in for a treat. A make over - you know, like on one of those TV shows – is coming their way. Little difference? Nine o’clock somewhere is not only tackling the outside, they’re also taking on the inside. The creative agency is currently laying the groundwork for CD&V’s online hub. And for that, they’re thinking in content, not in pages. An ecosystem, based on shareability and interactivity rather than a standalone platform. Usability and user experience will be key, for each and every stakeholder.  All this will be set up through Nine o’clock somewhere’s self-developed Abracadabra © framework in a phased approach, from regional to national.

 Result? A content driven platform equipped to guide users - whether if they’re a member, journalist or applicant - to the information they’re looking for.