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2018 Antwerpen

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03.12.15 - 11am

Branding Manfred+Cracco by Rodania

A new watch brand, aimed at the raw ones!

Together with Philip Cracco, the new captain of Rodania, we noticed the need for an individual and savvy watch brand. And, in order to steer Rodania towards a new future, we wanted to find a way to connect Rodania with a new generation of watch buyers.

Having a clear and distinctive story is critical in building a brand. However, there's a distinction to be made between broadcasting your story - storytelling - and living your story - storydoing. And because we wanted to leave the values of Rodania untouched, we decided to build a new sub-brand from scratch, for the young and wild ones.

Manfred+Cracco by Rodania is thus for the non-luxury yet conscious watch buyers. Inspired by Manfred Aebi, rebel and avant-garde marketeer who took charge of the Rodania brand in 1951 and was key in its success, the perfect representation of the Manfred spirit. Together with the values of Philip Cracco himself - strongly believing in young talent, it felt natural to position Manfred+Cracco as such.

“Manfred+Cracco believes in those eager to live, and aware about it too. Those who challenge themselves and bypass the standards. The creators, idea generators, the innovators. Always courageous and bold. Young, independent spirits who define greatness and consciously choose quality. The people that inspire.”

We shaped a brand book, logo, POS material, packaging and all digital assets including website, webshop and the digital campaign.


Manfed+Cracco Collection from Manfred+Cracco on Vimeo.